Yavoriv Fun

Yavoriv is a small town in Western Ukraine famous by authentic Yavoriv toy made from wood and natural paint. Many people come to Yavoriv’s Day of the City in July for the annual festival. One third of local residents take part in this festival. Artisans propose their handicrafts and housewifes offer the unique Yavoriv pie from potato and buckwheat (speciality of Yavoriv district).

The aim of the festival Yavoriv fun is to renovate, safeguard and develop Ukrainian folk traditions in producing funs, aware the interest to Yavoriv fun, promote traditional popular games as the best examples of popular creativity and involvement of wide population in enriching living heritage.

Yavoriv fun (just “a fun” not “a toy”, since it has originated from “to amuse”, “to make funning”, “to entertain”) is a unique case of the popular decorative art of Ukraine.

In Yavoriv, craft production of wooden funs had started from 18 c. reaching its peak in the middle of 19 c. These funs are decorated with traditional Yavoriv painting using from the very beginning three colours: green (symbolizing grass and leaves), red (fruits and berries), blue (sky and water), adding at the beginning of 20 c. the fourth colour – yellow (sun).

Yavoriv fun represents with dignity the art not just from the Yavoriv neighbourhood and Lviv region but from Ukraine in the world as an important part of the national Ukrainian culture.

More information you can find by: http://www.effe.eu/festival/yavoriv-toy-and-pie-festival