“Window of opportunity” for Ukrainian festivals

Language: living and modern culture
May 10, 2019
Consonance of past and present
May 21, 2019

Sicheslav Festival Assocation “ArtEthnoFest” uniting festivals from different regions of Ukraine based on traditional and modern arts, joined the European Festival Association (EFA), as the President of Association, director of the CSO “WOMEN Plus”, Lilia Hyrenko, and the Vice President, director of the Development Centre “Democracy through Culture” – EFFE Hub in Ukraine, Oleksandr Butsenko, informed participants of the III Ukrainian Forum “Equal rights – great opportunities”. The Forum, organized by the CSO “WOMEN Plus”, brought together representatives of NGOs, authorities, researchers from Dnipropetrovsk region and the whole Ukraine, representatives of international organizations, including OSCE.

Leaders and members of “ArtEthnoFest” founder organizations, “WOMEN Plus” and “Democracy through Culture”, talked about prospects for enlargement and development of the Association, organization of information meetings and trainings, creation of special logo and website.

“Association “ArtEthnoFest” should become an important part of the EFA and a “window of opportunity” for Ukrainian festivals, Lilia Hyrenko stressed.

@DC “Democracy through Culture”

@DC “Democracy through Culture”

@DC “Democracy through Culture”

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