Tradition and creativity as a factor for peace and cohesion

Creative way to peace and social cohesion
February 4, 2020
Identification of Ukraine: Donetsk region
July 11, 2020

Donetsk Regional Training and Methodological Center for Culture with the support of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Donetsk Regional State Administration presents the international exhibition “Safeguarding of traditional crafts and arts as precondition for peace building” provided by the Development Centre “Democracy through Culture” (Kyiv). Because of quarantine, the exhibition is held online. The video sequence has been created with support of the Center for Film Art and Culture

We invite you to join us in seeing the exhibition!

Міжнародна виставка «Охорона традиційних ремесел і мистецтв як запорука миру» в гостях у Донеччини