Living tradition – living knowledge – living culture – living world

Identification of Ukraine: Donetsk region
July 11, 2020

The international banner exhibition “Safeguarding of traditional crafts and arts as precondition for peace building” is the joint initiative of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture of Columbia, National Union of Folk-Art Masters of Ukraine, Development Centre “Democracy through Culture” and Department of Culture, Nationalities and Religions of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration.

The motto of the exhibition, “Living tradition – living knowledge – living culture – living world”, demonstrates the decisive role of culture, traditional knowledge and skills in the development of modern society, achievement of social cohesion and peace.

The exposition is based on the best practice of Columbia for safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage “Safeguarding strategy of traditional crafts for peace building” inscribed in 2019 in the UNESCO’s Register of Good Safeguarding Practices

The Ukrainian part of the exhibition is built in such a way as to show the diversity of traditional crafts, skills, arts and cultural traditions to the fullest extent possible. The exposition is discovering the infinite potential of Ukraine, every locality can add its own sample of the living culture.  Now, under the Covid-19 threat, the exhibition is available online. Join us with your samples and ideas! Call us (+380964621961) or write (