A Platform which will unite civil society, public and non-governmental (private) organizations engaged in studying, research, and popularization of knowledge about intangible cultural heritage. 

The mission of the Platform is to unite efforts for sharing knowledge, raising awareness of social interest, safeguarding and studying the intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine. 

The Platform is created on the initiative of the Development Centre “Democracy through Culture” and international partners. We are inviting to join us all interersted parties. 

Main objectives of the Platform will be the sharing information about the intangible cultural heritage and the realization of initiatives in compliance with such Actual lines: 


According to the point 4 of the Article 14 of UNESCO Convention 2003 

Non-formal means of transmitting knowledge First of all, it is focused on the valuability of non-formal means of transmitting knowledge, skills and practices in ICH domain. The special emphasis is made upon the acquirement of the ICH through practical methods: direct participation, games, home tutoring and different traineeships, like summer schools, festivals, communication with bearers, photo and video contests, cultural heritage routes or school excursion to natural and memorial sites. 
Communication in ICH area   It means the comprehensive use of information and communication technologies for sharing experience.
Tourism and ICH  It deals with the influence of tourism on ICH safeguarding and vice versa. It is essential to follow Convention and legislation on cultural heritage and related with it rights, intentions and wills of respective communities, groups and individuals; the use of ICH potential for sustainable tourism avoiding in doing this the excess commercialization and securing the leading role of communities in tourism administrating. It also necessary to pay special attention that such tourism would not threaten viability, social functions and cultural value of the intangible cultural heritage.  
Gender issue and ICH The intangible cultural heritage should provide gender equality, equal access to cultural goods, avoid gender discrimination. It’s important to use ICH for social dialogue to avoid all types of discrimination. 
Inclusiveness in ICH sphere  The involvement and enlargement of cictizens’ participation in safeguarding, development and management of ICH depend directly on inclusive and sustainable development securing the decrease in poverty and inequality together with in crease in efficient and decent job. 
Sustainable development ICH as a uniting link and a driver for three main pillars of the sustainable development: social, economic and environmental, which are the base for 17 sustainable development goals defined in the UN 2030 Agenda  for Sustainable Development.