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On Tourism, Festivals and ICH
October 27, 2018
Take note: the launch of FestivalFinder
November 4, 2018

In July-August 2018, EFFE Hub in Ukraine undertook the survey dedicated to the festival movement, resources of cultural heritage, tourism and community development. Preliminary results were presented at the annual meeting of EFFE Hubs in Brussels, on September 8, 2018. Some conclusions were presented also at the International scientific and practical conference-festival “Intangible cultural heritage as touristic resource” in Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, on October 25, 2018.

The aim of the conference was to define the readiness of festivals, tourist organizations and communities for cooperation, to evaluate and determine ways for improving collaboration between different sectors and stakeholders and international cooperation. It should be noted that proposed questions concerned arts festivals or festivals where art component is priority while trade fair, gastronomic, sport or other components play secondary role.

You can find survey results here: https://demcult.org/en/role-of-arts-festivals-in-community-self-development-monitoring-of-practical-issues/

The full Ukrainian version will be published soon in an academic journal link to which you could find at our website.

  For information:

The European Festivals Association (EFA) connecting today about 100 festivals and festival associations in above 40 European countries, launched in 2014 the project Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe – EFFE, supported by European Union.

The aim of the project is to increase access to Europe’s festivals by granting EFFE Label to the best festival events in Europe for connecting festivals with similar desire to encourage their visitors to consider about the world in which they live.

Let us recall that 715 festivals from 39 countries received EFFE Label 2017-2018 as “remarkable festivals” of Europe. Among them, there were 3 Ukrainian festivals, GogolFEST (Kyiv), Faine Misto (Ternopil), Yavoriv toy (Yavoriv, Lviv region).

As Darko Brlek, President of the European Festivals Association (EFA) said, “The European Festivals Association is convinced about EFFE’s potential: to embrace and breathe Europe as an idea of community and reciprocal understanding and responsibility towards the world. That is why we are looking forward to develop this new European Label further”.

EFFE launches the new program for 2019-2020. It will start with the launch of the FestivalFinder, an online search tool for audiences woldwide to discover all arts festivals, from music to theatre, street arts to dance, literature… All Ukrainian festivals having arts as a basic component are invited to free registration on FestivalFinder. The next steps will be the call for EFFE Label and EFFE Prize.

The announcement about the start of the EFFE Program 2019-2020 and conditions for participation will be published on our website on November 15. Follow the news!