Festival Chronicle, April-May, 2018

[StartUp] GogolFEST

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It took place in the city of Mariupol (Azov Sea region), on April 27 – May 1, 2018, on the initiative of the laureate of EFFE Award and the holder of the EFFE label, the multidisciplinary festival from Kyiv, GogolFEST.

The idea of local community was supported by city authorities. The festival could turn the city of Mariupol and neighbourhood into attractive cultural and tourist point of Ukraine. “At present, GogolFEST has changed its conception and goes to launch local cultural festivals of international level all over the country, and Melitopol is one of the first on this way”, GogolFEST president, Vlad Troitsky said. “The festival is aimed at to promote the city as a cultural and information center of Ukraine”. http://pr.ua/news.php?new=51108

More details about the initiative and the festival you can find at:




Сarpathian Space-2018

The III International Art Festival of States from Carpathian Region «Carpathian Space-2018», initiated by the National Operetta of Ukraine, was held on 4,5 and 6 of May 2018, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. One of the main aims of the festival is to attract attention of global political and cultural community to the Carpathian region.

Numerous guests from Georgia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania. Latvia, Estonia, France, Mexico, Belarus, Slovakia, Romania, and Czechia have arrived the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

It should be noted that comprehensive and interesting programme has combined diverse domains, folk, ethno, rock, classic music, theatre, film, visual arts, crafts, gastronomy and wine tasting.

More details about the initiative and the festival you can find at: https://carpathian-space.info/


Lviv’s Weathercocks

May 5-6, 2018, the Jazz Festival Lviv’s Weathercocks was held in Lviv, at the especially allotted internal courtyard of the townhall. It started firstly in 2003. Since then, the festival is gaining momentum discovering new domains, involving literature actions, happenings, media projects.   

“Along 15 years, the festival became the music visit card of Lviv and an event which opens the intensive festival season in Ukraine”, such statement is shared by organizers and guests of the festival. This year the festival was organized by Art Association “Dzyha” and SCO “Virmen’ka 35”.

More details about the initiative and the festival you can find at: http://dzyga.com/flugery;


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