Faine Misto

Faine Misto is an International Music Annual Festival passing at Ternopil (Ukraine)



Faine Misto is one of the few Ukrainiana festivals where practically all modern music trends are intercrossed. Rock, alternative, folk, pop, dance music are played on six festival stages by the best national music performers and invited guests as a part of the festival program. 

The traditional slogan of the Faine Misto is that is a festival of free people since that the main aim of organizers is to build a city where each visitor could leave, at last at some days, everyday problems, feel the energy of freedom, crazy drive of life, and made his or her holiday unforgettable. Along with incomparable festival athmosphere, the proper arranged festival infrastructure is actively developed: tent zone, food courts, shower cabins, charge points, biotoilets, luggage stores – everyone could find everything for comfortable and good rest turning the festival in a distinct and self-sufficient event for which visitors have waited during a year.  


Faine Misto festival

Faine Misto – it’s time to enjoy the life! 

More information you can find by: http://www.effe.eu/festival/faine-misto-festival;  https://www.facebook.com/fainemisto/; http://fainemisto.com.ua/