Stop the aggressor!

Statement on the Russian invasion Ukraine
February 28, 2022
Art will win the darkness
March 26, 2022

Dear friends,
Sarajevo Winter International Festival expresses its solidarity with the citizens and artists of Ukraine and supports your struggle for peace, freedom, and independence. It is also our struggle. We had the same tragic experience in the last decade of the XX century in BiH and Sarajevo. We have dedicated each of our ongoing SWF programs to your struggle. Musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers of our country and participants of the Festival from around the world support you in your just fight for European values. The Festival lasts from 7.2.-21.3. In 2022, every day, artists with the audience and the media call for stopping the aggression on your homeland and establishing peace, and returning home to the children and mothers of Ukraine. We sympathize with the suffering of children and innocent civilian victims in Ukraine. You are now defending peace, freedom, independence, and all the values of civilization. We are in solidarity with you in that and we believe in the victory of peace and reason. 

“Let’s stop the war in Ukraine because peace and freedom are being destroyed all over the world,” – appealed the president of the International Center for Peace/Sarajevo Winter International Festival  Ibrahim Spahic. – “Europe is a common house for all its citizens and peoples who have the right to decide independently on their future in their independent and sovereign states, UN members. Twentieth-century of terrible wars and suffering, without precedent, is behind us and now no one has an excuse to destroy anyone’s lives, hopes, and dreams. People want to create in peace, freedom, and security. We constantly say “Never again” but the messengers of evil and war catastrophes are constantly appearing over us. Let’s not hesitate and wait for the war machine, by itself, to stop. This never happens anywhere. There is no justification for “neutrality” and the view that all this is far from us. We are all losers when peace and freedom are threatened. Let’s raise our voices in defense of Peace and support the UN’s demand that war the violence stops immediately”.