Meet pilot projects of Ukrainian schools

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February 4, 2023
Selection of ICH for teaching and learning
February 13, 2023
The project “Teaching and learning with living heritage in Ukraine” is carried out by the non-governmental organization Development Center “Democracy through the Culture”, accredited under the UNESCO 2013 Convention, in close cooperation with the Living Heritage Entity and the support of the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund.
In the first phase, 15 schools across Ukraine (including 10 UNESCO Associated schools schools) will pilot test the proposed methodology integrating living heritage elements in core subjects, such as mathematics, physics or literature. The project is based on a methodology elaborated within a joint UNESCO/EU project in 2021.
After receiving training on how to teach with living heritage, teachers from the 15 selected schools launched the preparatory works for the pilots. They informed teachers and leadership of their schools, designated teams, and selected living heritage elements to be integrated. The International French School (Kyiv) went even further and already started with the first pilot lessons.
Led by the director and his two deputies, teachers of biology and chemistry, but also languages, math, history and arts joined the team, which is currently implementing the first pilot project: “We choose beekeeping, as it is closely linked to environmental issues, one of the priorities of our school and decided to integrate it in biology, chemistry, art, mathematics, history, and language classes (French, English and Ukrainian). Our students and their parents liked the idea and they immediately looked up contacts of several bearers. However, many are located in the northern part of the country bordering with Belarus and trips to these territories are currently impossible because these territories are mined” said Ihor Krasutsky, deputy director of the International French School and history teacher. “However, we will find a way around it and will thoroughly study the tradition.”