Crime against Culture

International scientific and practical conference “Education in ICH: research and safeguarding”
December 11, 2022
Meet pilot projects of Ukrainian schools
February 7, 2023

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine has published new data on destruction, partial or complete, of cultural infrastructure in Ukraine s a result of russian aggression:

The numbers cited, even not including sites of cultural heritage, cause one to shudder. However, even more impressive is, as experts indicate, that destroyed culture objects and monuments constitute a part of “fluid and slippery space” between people and physical world. No less important are knowledge, skills, traditions, believes, expressions that shape the modern world, make it diverse and alive with alive people, bearers of living heritage.

Civilians and servicemen are killed every day in Ukraine owing to russian missiles and shells; at the moment, russian  occupants have taken the lives of 460 children, have wounded above 4000, have removed by force thousands children. And how many adults have been killed we should still have to assess.  But how do we measure this crime against humanity, living global culture which has lost its priceless part?